Finest AI Human Resources from Bangladesh

AI human resources job placement services

Our company provides job placement services to the engineers and professionals who have knowledge and skill in AI, IoT, BigData and in other similar IT fields.
We also provide support services throughout the entire recruitment process.
We organize job interview, provide support for visa processing and support for coming to Japan and joining to the company.
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New graduate AI human resource introduction service

New graduate AI human resource job placement service

We shall introduce Bangladeshi IT Engineers and professionals who have recently been graduated who are capable of working in AI field to the Japanese companies who are currently in need of this type of people. We shall provide support services to intending candidates by organizing interviews and after selection services for VISA processing, travelling to Japan and joining to work. Every year many brilliant students completing their under graduate studies from famous universities of Bangladesh like Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), University of Dhaka etc. joining different world renown companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple etc. Anyone can easily verify this evidence from the social media.

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IT Engineers/Professionals Job placement Service

Japanese IT companies are currently in need of brilliant IT engineers/professionals. We shall introduce Bangladeshi IT professionals to different IT companies in Japan. We shall deploy them in a team. The team size may vary depending on the requirement of the companies. If communication ability in Japanese language is required we shall include one engineer in each team who is fluent in Japanese.

Bangladesh IT human resources seminar

On August 22, 2017 more than 120 leading Japanese IT companies participated in the seminar on Bangladesh IT human resources organized by JETRO. The participants were very eager to know about the potentiality of the Bangladeshi IT professionals. After the seminar they exchange information among themselves.

Seminar on Expansion in Bangladesh

Discussion on expansion opportunities of various manufacturing and IT companies in Bangladesh.
Comparison of the different aspect of ease of doing business in Bangladesh like establishment of subsidiaries, acquisition of various licenses, taxation system, etc. with other countries. The focus will be on merits / demerits and will cover a wide range including returning profits to Japan.

In particular, on the recruitment side, considering the world standard the quality of Bangladesh IT Human resources (AI human resources) is very high and is equivalent to IIT India. Many IT engineers of Bangladesh are working in world renowned companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.).
Regarding utilization of IT resources of Bangladesh, we are promoting not only outsourcing but also import of IT human resources to Japan.
We are also promoting industry-academia collaboration for research and development with top Universities in Bangladesh (recently Samsung, HUAWEI started a similar venture).
■Date and time Friday, July 13, 2018 13: 30 ~ Starting 14: 00 ~ 16: 30
■Place Tokyo Shoken Kaikan
■Program 1)Welcome Address by The Ambassador of Bangladesh

2)Presentation: Current status - up to expansion in Bangladesh
JETRO Chief Manager

3)Presentation: Bangladesh's financial markets and foreign exchange regulations
Mitsubishi UFJ Department Manager

4) Presentation: The light and dark in the Kojima Group's entry into Bangladesh

5)Presentation: Current situation of Bangladesh IT human resources and AI human resources
Link staff representative

6) Closing Speech by Counsellor (Labor), Embassy of Bangladesh

7) Question-and-answer session
■Entry fee free
■Capacity 330 people (in order of first-come-first-served basis) * Close as soon as the capacity is full.
■Application method Please send the attached participation application form by fax or e-mail
■Host Embassy of Bangladesh
■Co-organizer MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Link Staff CO., Ltd.
■In cooperation Japan International Trade Development Organization (JETRO)
The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The Japan-Bangladesh Committee for Commercial and Economic Co-operation

Opening Japanese language course in collaboration with the renowned universities of BD

For getting a job in a Japanese company communication skill in japanese language is required. Link Staff is opening Japanese language course in collaboration with the renowned universities of Bangladesh like Daffodil University, American Internation University and so on. Students or any one interested from out side the university can also take part in the course. After being skilled to JLPT level N4 by doing 6 months Japanese language course students will come to Japan and will study Japanese language in Link Staff operated Japanese language school in Tokyo, Japan for another 18 months for farther upgrading their japanese language skill to level N2. If students can pass the JLPT level N2 test it is confirm that they will get a job in a japanese company.
100% Job placement will be in IT companies in Japan. This is our commitment.

A Success Story of Hiring Bangladeshi IT engineers in a Japanese Company

A renowned Japanese IT company hired 20+ Bangladesh IT engineers in last 3 to 4 years. The engineers went through a rigorous recruitment exam and the passing rate was far better than passing rate of the IT Engineers of Singapore. Engineers who passed in that exam are mostly graduated from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) and from University of Dhaka. Both of these two universities are the most prestigious university of Bangladesh.

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overview of recruiting bangladeshi
top 2 university
Bangladeshi are excellent

Activities of our Company

To solve the crisis of insufficient human resources of Japan we have taken many different initiatives to gather human resources from overseas.
Our current focus is on Bangladesh.
In 2016 we started our mission and met many key personnel of the government and of different educational institutions.
Here we are presenting the detail of our activities.


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